All that you wanted to know about slot machines!

Winning Tips for Slots

Following are some of the effective methods that can help you tremendously in winning at slot machines:

Select a casino that has good payout rates
An important fact that many players don’t pay heed to, is that some casinos offer better payouts compared to others. The chances of winning at slot machines is determined by something known as the payback rate of the casino. A payback rate of 90% or more is any day good.

Decide if you’d like to go for max bets or not
It’s no secret that some slot machines provide better payouts if you play max bets on them. For instance, if you were playing on a 3-reel slot machine and had hit a line of topmost symbols, you would have probably won 1000 credits for every credit played per line. Now imagine if you had been playing max credits per line, for instance, three credits per line, your top win may have risen to 10,000.
It’s always better to lay max bets in such cases because you have a chance of winning a lot more if you end up hitting the top winning line.
An exception to this strategy is in case of video slots where there’s a progressive jackpot. To give you an example, if you were playing a slot game like the Wizard of Oz, which features a huge progressive, you’d have stood a chance of winning only if you had played the max bet, which is normally £ 3 to £ 4 per spin. Hence, you need a good amount of money to play such games. However, you get far better odds when you’re placing max bets.
In case you’re not in a position to place max bets, it’s better to find a slot machine that has a lower denomination and doesn’t have a progressive jackpot.

Figure out if a bonus is right for you or not
If you’re fond of playing slot machines at online casinos, you’re most likely to be offered at least one of their many free cash bonuses. How a free cash bonus works is that the casino matches your initial deposit amount. For instance, if you’ve deposited £ 100, the casino will put in an additional £ 100 from its side, so that you have a total of £ 200 to play. This means a 100% bonus!
Many casinos go even beyond that by offering 200%, 300% and sometimes even 400% as free cash bonuses. So, for every £ 100 deposit, you get an extra £ 400, giving you a total of £ 500 to play with, if the casino is offering 400% free cash bonus.
However, there are some conditions involved. The casino won’t allow you to simply cash out the money and leave! You’d have to actually play with all that amount.
Hence, if you choose to avail the free cash bonus, you’ll need to play a certain number of times before being allowed to cash out your winnings. In most cases, you’ll need to play 25 times the total amount (deposit plus bonus) before cashing out your winnings.
Such bonuses are excellent for playing jackpot games as you get many more chances for hitting the jackpot. On the whole, such bonuses are an excellent tool for increasing your winning odds at the slot machines.