All that you wanted to know about slot machines!

About UK Slot Machines

Slot machines and gambling is highly loved and indulged in the United Kingdom. The video slot machines installed throughout UK are divided into various different categories, based on the definitions given by the country’s Gambling Commission.

The different categories of slot machines you can play in UK, along with their respective maximum stakes and maximum prize money are as follows:
Machine category A – Unlimited maximum stake – Unlimited prize money
Machine category B1 – £ 5 pounds maximum stake – £ 10,000 maximum prize money, or £ 20,000 if the slot machine features a progressive jackpot
Machine category B2 – £ 100 maximum stake – £ 500 maximum prize money
Machine category B3 – £ 2 maximum stake – £ 500 maximum prize money
Machine category B3A – £ 1 maximum stake – £ 500 maximum prize money
Machine category B4 – £ 2 maximum stake – £ 400 maximum prize money
Machine category C – £ 1 maximum stake – £ 100 maximum prize money, or £ 200 in case the jackpot gets repeated
Machine category D – 10p to £ 8 maximum stake – £ 50 non-cash or £ 8 cash maximum prize money

The introduction of the Category A games was basically to plan for the ‘Super Casinos’ in the United Kingdom. What sets them apart is their unlimited stakes and unlimited prize money.
The Category B games can be further subdivided into various categories like B1, B2, B3, B3 A and B4. The primary difference between these categories is the maximum stake allowed and the maximum prize money players can win from them. The category B2 machines are referred to as FOBTs (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals) that have pretty distinct stake and prize related rules. These FOBTs are primarily found in the licensed bookmakers or betting shops in the UK.
The game is falling in the Category C are commonly referred to as AWPs (Amusement with Prizes), fruit machines or one-armed bandits. You can easily find several fruit machines installed in the game arcades, clubs and pubs throughout UK. Most of these slot machines have three reels in them, but some may even have four to five reels, and anywhere from 16 to 24 different symbols printed on them. As is the case with any slot machine, the reels are spun and the winnings are paid on the basis of the combinations of symbols appearing on the machine after they come to a halt. Many of these machines have several extra features like sub- games and trails, providing opportunities to win more money.

Majority of the fruit machines installed in the UK have the features described below:
– The player may be provided the option of holding on to one or more reels prior to spinning, implying that those reels won’t be spun at all during the play and will retain their setting from the previous spin. Such provision can sometimes significantly enhance the chances of winning.
– A player may even be allowed a certain number of nudges after the spin. A nudge is nothing but a single step rotation of any reel that player selects.
– The players may even be provided with certain cheats like ‘Hold after a nudge’ etc. via newsletter emails. Such cheats can give them an impression of having an advantage over the house, regardless of the fact that there’s no actual change in the payout percentage.